Astrology solar eclipse february 24

In Pisces, we sense or intuit things without being able to explain why.

If I had done this back in January, I would have avoided this whole travel drama. Learn from my experiences.

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I could have avoided such a waste of time, energy and money had I simply done what felt right in January, instead of talking myself into going against my gut. When I feel off about something — a commitment, an obligation, a task — I step back and explore why. Sometimes a tweak makes my spidey sense inside feel better and sometimes the sensation is a clue something is totally wrong for me.

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This eclipse is a New Moon eclipse so it does point the way forward. If you dare, trust your vibes to guide you. There are possibilities to work with others that can emerge from this eclipse. But only with people who share the same perspective and values as you do.

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The spirit of generosity and artistry run through this eclipse. Jupiter is involved in a dynamic opposition with Mars and Uranus at the time of the eclipse so there may be challenges or opposition to your plans and intentions.

Will you let the unexpected input of others influence you, or can you hold true to your own vision? This weekend I am hosting a special live online eclipse circle.


Join me to explore the meaning, myth and magic of this Pisces eclipse. Discover how the eclipse will trigger your chart. Find out more or sign up here.

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  4. Remember Me. Skip to content brings 2 powerful solar eclipses. Here are 3 general tips to help you navigate this Pisces eclipse. I invite you to join me in trying to trust this vibe more. Collaborate with Integrity — Eclipse ruler Jupiter in Libra There are possibilities to work with others that can emerge from this eclipse. Does this eclipse trigger your chart? Eclipses are like turning the lights out, then on again so that you can see things anew.

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    Does it fulfill you? Bring you joy? Are you affecting the world and others in a positive way? This eclipse is even more potent due to its alignments.

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    The Capricorn Moon will have just passed over Saturn and Pluto both in retrograde and the South Node in the hours leading up to the eclipse. The opposition of the lunar stellium to the solar Cancer stellium of Sun, Venus and North Node with Mercury leaning back in from Leo , as well as a square to Pallas Athena in Libra brings up feelings of how we are to nurture ourselves and attend to our own truth even — and especially — as we are called toward our responsibilities to work, to others, and to our own reputation.

    Stay light on your feet.