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Mercury- thoughts, communication, and journey 4. Venus- beauty, money and earthly desires 5. Mars- drives, career ambitions, and passion 6. Jupiter- generosity, intellect, and wisdom 7. Saturn- limitations and self-sacrifice 8. Uranus- gifted potential and radical thoughts 9. Neptune- spirituality, creativity, and inspiration Pluto- transformation, inner power, and changes. Personal Planets: Known as fast-moving, these planets travel faster between Sun signs and have a direct impact over you.

Out of which the Moon makes the fastest and Mars makes the slowest transition. Social Planets: Also known as transpersonal planets, the social planets transits between personal and collective planets. The two social planets are- Jupiter and Saturn. Collective Planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the collective planets.

The Personal Planets

These planets are the slow-moving planets that may take 12 to 49 years to come to the same position in the natal chart. The transition of planets is studied with the help of astrological houses. With the help of houses, you may easily figure out the possibilities and explore the various opportunities and shortcomings you may face in the future.

Your Astrology Chart is divided into 12 sections — both inner and outer sides. The outer 12 section represents the placement of the 12 zodiac signs each with a degree area while the inner sections signify 12 astrology houses. The position of signs and planets in these houses represents the specific aspects that influence your personality and life events. Each house may have no, one or more than one planets in it.

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The number of planets in the house is an important indication by the Universe. With the help of a birth chart calculator, you may study the positions and their vigorous effects on your life. Astrology is a powerful tool to explore what you are and how can you lead a better life.

1. The Sun represents your conscious self-expression, and vitality.

The planets, stars, houses and various significant aspects of your birth chart are the highlights which need to be understood for clear insight into the future. Are your emotions moon in a difficult aspect to your ego sun? Then, you can study your communication style Mercury , your style of harmonizing with others Venus , and how you go after what you want Mars. You're probably a lot more serious and private than the pure Libra stereotype. There are endless ways to examine a chart, and so many resources online to help us learn more about each placement.

The Personal Planets in your Astrology Chart - Kathryn Hocking

Once you get advanced, house placements add another layer of complexity. Being reduced to just one sign out of twelve is simplistic; astrologers completely agree with that. Taking time to study our emotions, relationship styles, and our means of communication is a great way to grow. We are all complicated beings, and real astrology should always recognize that and celebrate it. Moonsplaining is a content package dedicated to the power of feminine spirituality. Instead of blaming the universe for your problems, learn how to harness its ebbs and flows for your own good.

Here's how to make the universe work for you, not against you. By Emily Anne. Here's a sample chart for reference:. The moon is at home in Cancer so I find myself very attuned to my moon and the moon in general. I live my life impacted by the cycles of the moon and natural cycles of life more generally.

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  4. Cancer is the hermit crab and is a sensitive and emotional sign, part mother and nurturer but with a very real desire to protect oneself emotionally and crawl into her shell which for Cancer is her home sanctuary. This kind of explains why I adore working from home tucked away in my office — my sanctuary. Add to that my moon in the 11th house — the house of community and friendship — it tells a story of being nurtured emotionally through the bonds of community and friendship — not just any friendship with Cancer very much of the feminine variety — yet most of my life I had difficulties in female friendships finding myself more at home with the company of men.

    I feel that one of my stretch points in this life is to lean into and trust the bonds of the feminine and to heal the generational trauma of trusting other women. With my moon in Cancer in the 11th, I have the potential to stir the emotions of large groups of women and sometimes that feels like a heavy potential to hold, and step into. The moon moves through the signs and houses every few days so it is a good indicator for your short term emotions looking ahead a few days or a week. Mercury is the Messenger and the planet Mercury is all about how you communicate and your intellect and intelligence.

    Look to where Mercury is in your chart and then think about the traits of that sign and house — what might it say about how you communicate? Telling a stranger about how my house burned down when I was 9, or how my boyfriend died when I was 24, or how difficult my first childbirth was and how I had post-traumatic stress after, or maybe about my difficult family life. I know that healing is a much longer process than that.

    The Personal Planets in your Astrology Chart

    How we discover how we can be true to ourselves and overcome these hard times that life has thrown at us. My vulnerable, transformative and deep communication style is intrinsic to my success. My mercury is also trine a harmonious aspect to my Moon, as such the two work together and support each other — my moon needs to connect with the broader community and my Mercury knows that the way to do that is through depth and transformation.

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    Mercury is one of the faster moving planets staying in each zodiac sign just weeks so you can look ahead each month to discover the best times to have hard conversations or communicate clearly to your audience depending on which sign and house it is in. Venus has a feminine energy but not the mother energy like the moon but the siren, the goddess, the seductress.

    The Hidden Code of Planets in Astrology

    Look to where Venus is in your chart and then think about the traits of that sign and house — what might it say about how you are in relationships and how you might be able to receive and attract? My Venus is in Scorpio.

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    Intense, emotional, intuitive and sensitive. Venus is in my first house of self and appearance so this intrinsically part of who I am and how I appear to others. I have to admit my inner venus took a sleep for a while when I gained a lot of weight. I never hated on my body, I could always see the beauty but I knew that there was a Kath inside aching to break free.