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Cultivating magnetism beyond seduction and in service of love itself may be a part of your Lilith mission. Journal Prompt: What skills of sustainability or survival do I practice? How can I cultivate more of my own self-acceptance who cares what God or Adam thinks? Am I afraid that learning new things from people means they are dominating me in some way?

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Journal Prompt: Am I willing to express my feelings to the fullest extent or do I keep them quieted down? How can my emotions offer a gateway into my connection with the natural world?

How to Find Black Moon Lilith in Your Birth Chart

Take pride in the many ways artistic potential moves through you. Can I integrate Lilith through story, visual art, another form of expression?

Do I feel tied to what I should do rather than doing what is best for me? Here, Lilith leads with the heart and seeks truth.

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Above all else, utilize this placement to be guided by instinctive wisdom. Is my instinctive self expressed in my spiritual practices?

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Claim your natural self-authority and allow it to inform your own version of feminine legacy who knows, maybe you too can have four astrological points named after you? Do I take responsibility for themes of authority, or fear them?

Your ability to tap into the collective means you are able to help create a future vision of how this goddess serves the whole. Journal Prompt: Is my community full of Liliths or wild feminine figures? Though, there is a asteroid named Lilith.

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Lilith’s Shadow in Your Astrology Chart – ☽ Mystica

It's said that Venus symbol came from the shape of a hand mirror, and Mars symbol came from shield and spear. It takes a lot research to find their origin, and there does not seem to be nice concise reason of origin. These are ancient symbols appearing in as early as Roman era. The Mars symbol based on spear, seems to be valid. And symbol of Venus may came from a depiction of goddess venus with necklace. The written symbols for Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn have been traced to forms found in late Greek papyri.

Ma [4] where the seven planets are represented by portraits of the seven corresponding gods, each with a simple representation of an attribute, as follows: Mercury has a caduceus; Venus has, attached to her necklace, a cord connected to another necklace; Mars, a spear; Jupiter, a staff; Saturn, a scythe; the Sun, a circlet with rays emanating from it; and the Moon, a headdress with a crescent attached.

A diagram in[clarification needed] the astronomical compendium by Johannes Kamateros 12th century shows the Sun represented by the circle with a ray, Jupiter by the letter zeta the initial of Zeus, Jupiter's counterpart in Greek mythology , Mars by a shield crossed by a spear, and the remaining classical planets by symbols resembling the modern ones, without the cross-mark seen in modern versions of the symbols.

Calculation of Lilith - the Black Moon for the birthday

These cross-marks first appear in the late 15th or early 16th century. The modern symbols for the seven classical planets with an additional crossbar in the symbol for Mercury are found in a woodcut of the seven planets, represented as the corresponding gods riding chariots, in a Latin translation of Abu Ma'shar's De Magnis Coniunctionibus printed at Venice in Published by The Observatory, Vol. Here's a publication from The symbol for the Sun is all that modern abridgment has left of a face surrounded by rays: Mercury has the caduceus, or rod, entwined by two serpents: Venus a circular looking-glass with a handle : the Earth a modern symbol has a sphere with an equator, and also with some , an in: verted symbol of Venus.