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The 28 positions constellation or star of the moon as moon takes 28 days to revolve around the earth are further classified into 12 moon-based zodiac signs.


I suggest taking the commonality between sun and moon zodiac signs to understand one's traits; it has mapped my personality very well. I hear some of you calling me superstitious.

Yes, of course, there is some okay And that may be a driving force for looking forward to other scientific assessment tools--a few of them are listed below. In any case, whenever I get a chance I consult astrologers and enjoy their [contradicting] past and future predictions. Myers and Briggs invented this tool where they measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions based on a psychometric questionnaire. This test rates the individual on following:.

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With this approach, I see we hosted the world population in 16 houses! The idea with this test is that if we know the personality of others, we appreciate their differences and work with them without much conflict, for the benefit of an organization. Gallup's Strengths finder is another self assessment tool that identifies your top 34 themes of talents. The top 5 strengths are typically one's dominant signature strengths and they encourage one to use that to succeed in professional life.

Of course the last five themes are not the quite strengths, but areas where one could potentially develop. Remember, your last five themes may be someone else's top five strengths and they may be adept in using those for their success. Here they map one's leadership personality in the following domains: Hypothetical Analyzer, Relational Innovator, Reactive Stimulator and Logical Processor.

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One could have primary and secondary leadership styles and varying percentages in these scales. There are four other metrics-- Perfector, Changer, Performer and Conservator-- which decide which leadership trait you employ.

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These results highlight the natural leadership inclinations inherent to one's approach. They also identifies one's vulnerabilities and thus guide in selecting appropriate styles for a group. There are relationship compatibility tests as well. Some of these personality and leadership tools, aside from astrology, could help us prepare to lead a team better or be a good contributor.

These tools increase the versatility of individuals by temporarily adapting their behavior to improve communication, persuade effectively, and reduce conflicts. There are some inherent challenges here.

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Not everyone wants to take these tests and even if they do, they may not want to divulge their results simply because many people don't like to be labeled. I think of a handful of, say, Capricorns that I know — the more unconnected to each other, the better — and ask myself: What do these people want right now? What do they need to hear? Sometimes it does.

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That may be grounds for readers to accuse me of loose methodology, of writing horoscopes that could essentially be applied to anyone. My job, in writing these horoscopes, is to create an atmosphere where people will believe me when I say: I understand, the world is a very strange place, and things are going to be okay. After all, astrology is not one-sided. I write building blocks and tools, which readers can approach actively, with intention and all the force of their own thoughts and experiences and desires.

Astrology can help readers reframe conceptions about themselves and make sense of personal emotional landscapes. The truth does not come from the horoscope itself, but in the meaning that a reader takes from it. Join Opinion on Facebook and follow updates on twitter.

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Topics: Culture , Religion. Why do people read horoscopes, even while they say they don't believe in astrology?

Claire Comstock-Gay, horoscope writer.